Full Council Meeting Minutes 18.06.20

Minutes Uploaded on November 23, 2021

Members: Cllr D Crichton (Chair) (P) Cllr O Barneveld (P)
Cllr A Berry (from 7.57pm) (P) Cllr A Carden (P)
Cllr A Kirby (P) Cllr J Parry (P)
Cllr L Price (P) Cllr M Read (P)
Cllr F Tingle (P)
Also on the call were C/Cllr P Stallard, D/Cllrs N Cutler, M Read and J Clementson, no members of the public
and Tony Daniells, Clerk to the Council.
013/21C Apologies: There were no apologies to receive.
014/21C Declarations of Interest: Cllr M Read declared an interest as he was the Ward Councillor for
Winchester City Council.
015/21C Minutes
The minutes from the Council Meeting held on 21 May 2020 were received. It was unanimously
RESOLVED that the minutes of the council meeting be accepted as an accurate record and
were duly signed by the Chairman.
016/21C Public Participation
There was no requirement for a public session.
017/21C County and District Councillors Reports
a) C/Cllr P Stallard had provided a written report and this had previously been circulated and is
appended to these minutes. She added to her report by advising that:
• HWRC’s would now open from 9.00am.
• There was a shortage of foster carers in the County as more children were being referred. She
asked that we publicise the need for more carers to consider fostering a child.
A Councillor asked a question relating to access to the HWRC via Darnel Road and another gave
an update after a briefing from Cllr R Humby.
b) Apologies were received from D/Cllrs A Clear and T Evans.
Cllr M Read spoke about a Planning meeting that used MS Teams. There had been a poor reception
and improvements were needed. Face to face meetings were still not allowed and use of virtual
meetings would continue.
D/Cllr N Cutler spoke of the financial challenges on the District Council as a result of the
Coronavirus. Income from car parking charges had dropped significantly. There was a £7M budget
gap. He expected Officers to continue to work away from the WCC Offices until September.
018/21C Parish Matters
a) As discussed at the Planning Committee meeting held prior to this meeting, Cllr Berry was
concerned that the Parish Council was excluded in discussions between WCC and the Developers.
He considered that the Council should be aware of proposed development. The Clerk referred to
meetings held with Grainger prior to lockdown. It was agreed that these meetings should restart.
Cllr Read also spoke of his dismay that Forum meetings had been cancelled. He pointed out that the
MDA straddled both WCC and HBC boundaries and there would be a need to engage with both
Councils. It was RESOLVED by a majority that meetings with Grainger should restart and
further unanimously RESOLVED that Cllrs Crichton and Berry, and the Clerk attend these.
A report had been received from the WCC Implementation Officer and covered at the Planning
Committee meeting held prior to this meeting. There was no update on occupations but it was noted
that building works were restating and work was allowed until 9.00pm
019/21C Communications
a) There were no communications to receive. NOTED.
b) Website: The Clerk reported that he had changed the template which gave a more pleasing layout.
An SSL certificate had been installed. He would now continue to add content and further improve
the look of the web pages. NOTED.
020/21C Outside Bodies
a) WACA Trustee: WACA had asked if a Councillor was prepared to serve as a Trustee on its Board.
Mrs Clementson as Chair of the Trustees said that WACA Community Centre remained closed at
present. WACA was looking for younger, active people and would welcome representation from
the MDA. Mrs Clementson advised that there was a monthly Trustee meeting but she also asked
that any Trustee also volunteered to help out at the Centre and gave examples of the work where
volunteers could assist. She would also welcome volunteers from the development to help out at the
Centre. Cllr A Kirby expressed interest in becoming a Trustee and Mrs Clementson would send him
details. It was unanimously RESOLVED that Cllr A Kirby be this Council’s Trustee
021/21C Finance
a) Orders for Payment: It was unanimously RESOLVED that the payments detailed on the Orders
for Payment (list 03) should be APPROVED in the sum of £20.38 including VAT and that nil
receipts are noted. Further payments of £1,804.99 (including VAT) made since the last orders
of payment were RATIFIED.
b) Bank Statement: The May bank statements had been previously circulated. The statements were
reviewed and the balances as at 31 May 2020 were agreed. The statement would be signed at a later
date by the Chairman. NOTED.
c) Accounts: The accounts to 31 May 2020 had been previously circulated. NOTED.
d) Grants:
i. A legal briefing on grant giving had been received from HALC and previously circulated.
Parish councils can incur expenditure that brings direct benefit to the area, as long as some
or all inhabitants benefit from the expenditure incurred. The recipient organisation does not
have to be a charity, it could be a non profit making community group. NOTED.
ii. Council further considered a grant proposal to the Waterlooville Food Bank. In the
discussions, some Councillors were opposed to giving a donation due to implications with
HMRC and the need for further research. Others supported the proposal but wished to see
conditions attached to the grant. These conditions were that the grant went to the
Waterlooville Food Bank, a report on how the grant was used was given to the Council
and that an acknowledgement of the grant was made in any publication material. It was
RESOLVED by a majority that a grant of £1,000 was made to the Waterlooville
Food Bank if it was confirmed that the above conditions would be met.
022/21C It was unanimously RESOLVED to receive the Minutes, Reports, Recommendations and
Resolutions of the following committee meetings: –
a) Amenities Committee – Minutes 13 February 2020. Cllr M Read reminded Council that any contract
for maintenance of open spaces would need to go open tender.
b) Planning Committee – Minutes 5 December 2019
023/21C Other Reports
i. Cllr Berry reported that the fencing along Darnel Road was a safety hazard and overhung
the footway in places. The Clerk would advise TW of this and ask for it to be repaired.
ii. It had been reported that there was interest in the land leading down to the HWRC.
iii. Cllr F Tingle would ask TW for a plan of the development.
iv. Cllr O Barneveld asked about the second half of the Precept. The Clerk reported that it was
announced at the Local Council Conference that the Precept was secure despite budget
024/21C It was RESOLVED that in accordance with the Public Bodies (admission to meetings) Act
1960 to exclude the public and press for discussions regarding personnel matters where
publicity might be prejudicial to the special nature of the business.
The meeting closed at 8.52pm
The next meeting will be held on 16 July 2020
Please note minutes of meetings are published as soon as possible on the website to help residents. However,
they do not become the formal record of the meeting until agreed or otherwise at the next meeting. Therefore,
you should always check to see whether any amendments have been made.
HAMPSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL report to Newlands Parish Council – 18th June 2020
Book an Appointment – Household Waste Recycling Centres
A new pre-booking system for residents to access Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) to manage
demand and reduce queuing traffic has been introduced at all Hampshire HWRCs. From Monday 15th June you
must have an appointment to visit a HWRC in Hampshire. If you visit an HWRC without an appointment you
will be turned away. You can only make one trip to one HWRC in a week (Monday to Sunday). You cannot visit
more than one HWRC in the same week. Dates further than 2 days ahead will show as unavailable. These slots
will be released for booking 48 hours prior.
The appointment booking system has been set up to help manage demand during the coronavirus pandemic. It is
not connected to the HWRC Vehicle Registration Scheme. You do not need to register your vehicle to book an
appointment. Household waste recycling centres are now open 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. To book online visit – or telephone 02380 179 949, Monday
to Friday 9.00 am to 5:30 pm. Any information you provide will be automatically deleted after 14 days. Your
information will not be used for any other purpose.
Bus Passes
A reminder that concessionary travel times for older people to travel free on Hampshire’s buses have reverted to
the normal 9.30 am start. Restrictions on times older people could use their bus passes were first lifted on 20
March to enable travel to supermarkets earlier in the day and access dedicated shopping hours while national
travel restrictions on all but essential travel were in place.
Older Persons Concessionary Bus Passes are available for people who have reached State Pension age. The older
person’s bus pass entitles people to free travel on bus services throughout England from 9:30 am to 11.00 pm
Monday to Friday and all day at weekends and on public holidays.
Bus passes issued by another English council can be used in London at any time for free travel on buses displaying
the red roundel. Show your pass to the driver as passes don’t currently read on the yellow card readers. You can
also use your bus pass on these Community Transport services:
• Cango
• Call and Go, eligible for a 25% discount against full fare
• Dial a Ride, eligible for a 25% discount against full fare
• Fleet Link, Yateley Shopper and Eastleigh Parish Links, eligible for a 25% discount against full fare
• Park and Ride services that are registered as local bus services (though you must still pay for the parking).
• Hampshire County Council Taxishare and carshare schemes.
On routes which have an infrequent service where there is a journey between 9.00 am and 9.29 am and then no
further journey until 10.31am or later, passes will be accepted for free travel from 9.00 am on those specific
routes. You can apply for a Bus Pass by visiting or
apply and pay by telephone on 0300 555 1376.
Short Break Activities Proposals
Hampshire County Council is seeking people’s views on some proposed changes to its Short Break Activities
Programme for children and young people who have disabilities. Residents’ feedback is being invited on a range
of proposals for how the Short Break Activities Programme could operate after 31st March 2021. Some of the
proposals could help Through the Short Break Activities Programme, parents and carers of children and young
people with disabilities can take a break from their caring responsibilities while their children attend an
educational or leisure activity.
Anyone who would like to take part in the consultation will have until 11:59 pm on Sunday 12th July 2020 to
make their views known. Before completing the response form, people are strongly encouraged to read the
information pack which provides the background to, and details of, the proposals. Both the information pack and
response form can be found online at
Making Space for People and Social Distancing
A range of temporary changes are being made across the County to provide more road space for people walking
and cycling – keeping a safe social distance as they begin to go back to work and school after the Coronavirus
lockdown. HCC has already made some immediate changes across the County to traffic signals and signs, to
give pedestrians more space and time. The next stage will be work on the ground to install physical measures
which provide more space for safe social distancing.
Changes already in place include:
• Following a review of all pelican, puffin and toucan crossings, waiting times at 166 crossings have been
reduced in favour of pedestrians;
• Traffic signals have been altered at some of Hampshire’s busiest town centre traffic signal
junctions, increasing the frequency that the pedestrian stage appears, and the amount of green time provided
to cross the road by foot;
• As well as national messages to Stay Alert and maintain social distancing, many electronic traffic information
signs now inform motorists to slow down, share the road and look out for pedestrians and people on bikes.
Work has started on some of the first schemes in Hampshire to provide more space for pedestrians and cyclists.
Further schemes are in development to support retail spaces which mean taking traffic and parking out of our
town centres to create space. These plans are being developed with Hampshire’s District and Borough Councils,
Business Improvement Districts, Town and Parish Councils. Communities, schools and residents are encouraged
to make suggestions for schemes which support social distancing
at: with priority given to those ideas with the
potential to make the most positive impact and which meet Government criteria for funding.
Phased reopening of library services
All Hampshire libraries are currently closed. However, visitors who have booked a timed collection under
the ‘Ready Reads’ scheme, may now visit at the allotted time. This is the first phase in our move to re-open
libraries as safely as possible. See
Ready Reads: We Select You Collect – this is a new book collection service, where staff select books according
to your preferences for collection from your local branch. This is the first phase in our move to re-open libraries
in Hampshire as safely as possible. Our libraries are operating new temporary opening hours for collection, with
social distancing guidelines in place for everyone. Please do not visit one of our libraries unless you have been
given a collection time for your Ready Reads books.
Library -Virtual Book Club
• Our Digital Readers Facebook group is a virtual book club where each month members vote for a new title
to read and discuss.
• Members can download the chosen title for free using our eBook and audiobook provider, BorrowBox
• Our virtual reading group is always open online, which means you never have to wait to share your thoughts
or take part in the conversations
• Take part in the conversation today by joining the Hampshire Library Facebook group
Patricia Stallard
Lead Executive Member for Children’s Services & Young People
Hampshire County Council
Divisional Member for Winchester Southern Parishes
[Denmead, Newlands, Boarhunt, Southwick, Knowle, Wickham, Soberton, Newton]