Newlands Community Hall

Newlands Community Hall

Newlands Community Hall is a temporary structure which was built to house the offices of Grainger PLC, the developer of the Berewood Site, and Newlands Parish Council. It also has a community-focused space which is available for hire.

The hall itself is approximately X metres by X metres, and can normally accommodate up to X people. The total number of people that can simultaneously attend the hall is governed by Health and Safety considerations. It is generally used for meetings or small events involving up to a maximum of 50 people. For example, Parish Council Meetings are held there every month. The building is fully accessible to those with special needs(?)

Additional facilities are toilets, male, female and disabled and a modern kitchen (X metres by X metres) with sink, microwave, refrigerator and storage.

Tables and chairs are available to use in the hall.

Externally there are approximately X car parking spaces exclusively for the use of those using the building. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee availability of car parking spaces for Newlands Community Hall users, particularly when other events are taking place.  There are further public parking spaces available close to the Community Hall.