Finance Committee Meeting Minutes 09.09.21

Minutes Uploaded on November 23, 2021

Members: Cllr L Price (Chair) (P) Cllr O Barneveld
Cllr A Carden (P) Cllr A Kirby (P)

Also present was Karen Seear, Clerk to the Council.
062/22F Apologies: Apologies were received from Cllr O Barneveld.
063/22F Declarations of Interest: There were no declarations of interest made.
064/22F Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes from the Finance Committee Meeting dated 29 July
2021 were received. It was unanimously RESOLVED that the minutes of the Finance
Committee meeting be accepted as an accurate record and were duly signed by the Chair.
065/22F Public participation: There was no requirement for a public session.
066/22F Correspondence:
067/22F AGAR: The External Auditor had found some issues with the AGAR and had requested more
information. The Chairman had passed on the report to a Local Authority Governing team for
assistance with the matter. Once the report is back it will be passed on to the Clerk, who will then
pass on relevant information. There may be a charge related to work regarding this. The Chairman
mentioned that there had not been much notice for regulation changes relating to the AGAR. The
Chairman will continue to make sure that the Clerk is updated with any regulation changes.
068/22F Assets: The Council’s current asset register has been updated, reflecting the new equipment
purchased. The lease also needs to be added to the asset register with a value of £0. Screens were
listed on the register but it appears they were not purchased and they will need removing from the
asset register. NOTED. A discussion took place regarding asset replacement and how best to
implement a policy in order to fund future purchases as and when they require replacement. Cllr A
Kirby felt that with the current budget it seems unfair to ask residents to start to pay for future items
at the present time. He was in favour of having a small emergency fund and to plan ahead as to what
will require replacing. The Chairman suggested putting aside reserves to ensure costs are covered in
the future. He stated that this is the way in which most Council’s operate. It was suggested that the
Chairman draft a short document detailing what regulations he would like to put in place. The matter
will be returned to at the next Finance and Personnel Committee meeting. NOTED.
069/22F VAT: The Clerk updated the committee regarding VAT. There is a procedure which she will follow
to claim back VAT. Records will be kept regarding what has been claimed for and what is received
back. NOTED.
070/22F Additional Funding: The Chairman mentioned that the voluntary organization, Trash busters had
been carrying out litter picking work in the development. The way in which the organization is
funded was discussed. Cllr A Carden stated that this matter is currently being covered by another
committee, it was suggested that Trash busters could be made aware that there are grants available
which they could apply for. NOTED.
071/22F Future budgets: It was suggested that each Committee be asked for a forecast of spend for the next
financial year. The Chairman suggested a 3 year plan. The matter will be discussed at the Finance
meeting in October. It was suggested a memo could be sent out requesting budget items. NOTED.
072/22F PAT Testing (Portable Appliance Testing): The Chairman asked Cllr A Carden to give an
overview of what PAT tested procedures would currently be required. Cllr Carden responded to say
that current regulations state that it depends on the class of the items. Currently most items that are
used by the Council are class 2. Class 2 items require visual inspections. The only item that is class
1 is the tea urn. This will require testing on a 2 year basis. It was asked if the Amenities Committee
would deal with arranging the PAT test. There will be cost to do this. Costs should be discussed and
bought back to the Amenities committee. Cllr Carden also suggested that regular procedures and
records be kept regarding visual inspections of current electrical items. NOTED.
073/22F Purchase of equipment for Clerk and Warden: This item had previously been discussed, it was
asked if the Clerk had purchased docking stations as the Chairman had decided it may be better to
delay the purchase of these items as the Clerk’s laptop is due for replacement next year. The Clerk
had purchased a docking station which was incompatible. A refund had been processed. The Clerk
will continue to use the current equipment until a replacement laptop is due. NOTED.
074/22F Warden Funding: It was decided that the Clerk and the Warden should liaise when looking into
training courses. Health and Safety training will be considered as well as risk assessment training.
Cllr A Kirby suggested looking into any other course related to open space management as the
Council are due to adopt open space shortly. Any course will approved at Full Council. NOTED.
The Chairman suggested that insurance should be considered regarding storage of parish assets at the
Warden’s home address. The Parish Warden has been asked to add business contents insurance to
his current policy. If there is an additional cost for this, it is recommended to cover this costs, and to
take the matter to the next full Council meeting for approval. NOTED. The Chairman asked whether
the Council would cover the Warden’s transport costs? Cllr A Kirby stated that there is a travel
policy already in place. Travel expenses are paid for any travel outside of the Parish. NOTED.
075/22F Finance:
a) Orders for Payment: It was unanimously RESOLVED that the payments detailed on
the Orders for Payment (list 07) should be APPROVED in the sum of £2,286.24
including VAT and that receipts of £0.00 are noted. Further payments of £0.00
(including VAT) made since the last orders of payment were RATIFIED.
b) Bank Statements: The August bank statements had been previously circulated. The
statements were reviewed and the balances as at 31 August 2021 were agreed. The statements
were signed by the Chairman. NOTED.
c) Accounts: The accounts to 31 August 2021 had been previously circulated. NOTED. It
was noted that the general reserve account requires splitting between the three named reserve
accounts which had been previously agreed. NOTED.
The Chairman had been looking into regulations regarding the AGAR. At present any
council with an income exceeding £25k is required to submit an AGAR. Currently the
Council’s income exceeds £25K but the Council’s expenditure last year was £12k The
Chairman is asking for clarification regarding this. NOTED.
It was noted that once the money is received from the transfer of open space, that this money
is separated from the budget. The Clerk has been asked to investigate an additional bank
account. The Clerk will then be asked to identify suitable investment options in line with the
investment strategy. NOTED.
076/22F Other Reports: There was no other business.
The meeting closed at 9.25pm. The next Finance Committee meeting will be held on Thursday 21
October 2021.