Finance Committee Meeting Minutes 04.03.21

Minutes Uploaded on November 23, 2021

Members: Cllr F Tingle (Chair) (P) Cllr O Barneveld (P)
Cllr A Berry Cllr A Carden (P)
Cllr D Crichton (P) Cllr A Kirby (P)
Cllr J Parry (P) Cllr L Price (P)
Cllr M Read (P)
Also present was Karen Seear Clerk to the Council.
048/21F Apologies: Apologies were received from Cllr A Berry.
049/21F Declarations of Interest: Cllr M Read declared a personal interest as a Ward Member for Winchester
City Council.
050/21F Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The minutes from the Finance Committee Meeting dated 7
th January 2021 were received. It was
RESOLVED that the minutes of the Finance Committee meeting be accepted as an accurate
record and were duly signed by the Chair.
051/21F Matters arising and outstanding matters from Previous Minutes
a) The Clerk had asked for an update from Jenni Upstill at Grainger with regards to shared costs
of utility bills at the Community building. She had yet to gain a response and bring back any
update to the next Finance committee meeting. NOTED.
052/21F Public Participation: There was no requirement for a public session.
053/21F Finance
a) Orders for Payment: It was unanimously RESOLVED that the payments detailed on the
Orders for Payment (list 15) should be APPROVED in the sum of £1192.87 including VAT
and that further payments of £54.00 were ratified and that NIL receipts are noted.
054/21F Budget Review: The figures for this financial year are significantly under budget. The pandemic
has meant that no community events have taken place this year. It has been an unusual financial year
due to lockdown. Cllr D Crichton suggested that the Council decide how to use the underspend next
year. He suggested it be kept as a reserve. Going forward the Chairman suggested that are three
reserves in place, a general reserve, a community asset reserve, a land adoption reserve plus a separate
reserve for the section 106 money from the adoption of the open space. These reserves should be
split and allocated accordingly from April 2021.
Cllr D Crichton mentioned that in the future there may no longer be the requirement for the Zoom
subscription, currently paid under telephone charges once face to face meetings are held again. At
present Council pay the subscription to allow time enough for virtual Council meetings. This will be
considered at a later stage, once more information becomes available. NOTED.
The Chairman mentioned that there had been some IT problems related to the Parish website. Cllr J
Parry explained that malware had been detected in the system, he was able to correct this himself,
which has saved the Council money, as this work would otherwise have required outsourcing to
another company at cost. Councillors gave thanks to Cllr J Parry for his time and effort.
Cllr D Crichton mentioned the skateboarding and football training events which are planned for the
Easter holidays. The Parish Council have previously agreed to help match fund these events with
Havant Borough Council. After receiving confirmation of the cost, this is now less than was expected
and there is a £200 saving.
055/21F Clerk training:
a) CiLCA As previously agreed, as part of the Clerk’s acceptance of employment, it was decided that
the Clerk study for the CiLCA qualification. Cost details were previously circulated. The budget for
training and employment has previously been determined. It was unanimously agreed that the
Clerk should enroll on the course.
Cllr D Crichton mentioned that there are plans to employ a second member of staff and that there
should be sufficient funds available to cover any training costs. The cost of this employment for the
second member of staff is due to be covered by the commuted sum of money from the adoption of
land. Cllr M Read, noted that there may be a cost up front as the employment of the member of staff
will commence before the adoption is complete and the funds becoming available. NOTED.
b) SLCC Membership: It is a requirement that in order to study CiLCA the Clerk should become a
member of the SLCC. Cost details were previously circulated. It was unanimously agreed that
the Clerk should join the SLCC.
056/21F Other reports: Cllr M Read recommended for discussion at the special Amenities meeting, a
proposed pay-scale be provided for the Amenities Warden/Ranger.
Cllr M Read also questioned the legality around virtual meetings, as currently virtual Council
meetings have been approved up until 7th May 2021. Cllr L Price said he would find out this
information and let Council know.
Cllr M Read has made a suggestion to Winchester City Council, which is dependent on the current
timetable for relaxion of current lockdown restrictions. He suggested as from 1st July the Parish
Council should go into negations regarding the adoption of open space land and look to complete this
on the 1
st October 2021.
The Chairman suggested that current office provisions should be looked at prior to the proposed
second member of staff joining, ensuring that there is enough equipment, storage etc.
A crossover of working hours between the Clerk and the second member of staff should be looked at
and determined at the next Amenities meeting.
The meeting closed at 8pm. The next Finance Committee meeting will be held on Thursday 6
th May