Amenities Committee Meeting Minutes 13.02.20

Minutes Uploaded on November 23, 2021

AT 7.30 pm
Members: Cllr M Read (Chairman) (P) Cllr A Kirby (P)
Cllr L Price (P) Cllr F Tingle (P)
Also present one member of the public and Tony Daniells, Clerk to the Council.
001/20A Apologies: All Councillors were present
002/20A Declarations of Interest: There were no Declarations of Interest made at this time.
003/20A Public Session: The meeting was adjourned at 7.31 pm to allow comments from the
public. The meeting reconvened at 7.36 pm.
004/20A Adoption of Open Space: WCC had enquired if NPC were ready to take on areas of Open
Space which they maintained. Committee members discussed this item and had a number
of questions that first required an answer such that they had the necessary information to
consider this further.
Questions to be put to WCC were
• Had there been any communications with Havant Borough Council? In answer, a
Councillor replied that questions had been put to HBC about management of their
areas of open space but no reply had been received. The Adoptions Manager at Taylor
Wimpey had also been unable to get a response.
• The WCC Implementation Officer role should be taken forward to the West of
Waterlooville Forum for an update and progression.
• Details of the commuted sums and what had been used so far should be obtained
• Some contiguous areas of land had been swapped for maintenance with HBC. What
happens at the end of the 20 year maintenance period.
• Up to date map of open space land should be requested
• What was proposed for the parcel of land leading to the HWRC. This should be
discussed at the next Forum meeting.
• What was the maintenance strategy that was covered by the commuted sums.
• What was necessary to maintain the play equipment on the Western Open Space
The Chairman considered that until these questions could be answered there was no need
for further discussions. The Open Space Project officer would be invited to the next
meeting of this Committee.
It was AGREED that the Clerk would
i. contact Officers at WCC to get answers to the above questions
ii. invite the Open Space Project Officer to the next meeting.
iii. Ask that items for discussion at the Forum were added to that agenda
005/20A Litter Pick: Cllr A Kirby introduced this item. He wanted to organise a litter pick on the
development as part of the Great British Spring Clean. HBC had equipment that could be
loaned. The pick would be organized for either 21 March or 28 March. Cllr Kirby would
contact the Community Officer who had organized a litter pick in the past. It was also
suggested that refreshments could be offered to those taking part afterwards at the
Community Hall.
It was AGREED that this activity was recommended to Council to support and to
agree any finding required.
006/20A VE Day Street Parties: Cllr A Kirby had proposed a VE Day Party at the Community Hall
on either 8 May or 9 May. Those attending would bring their own picnic. It was
AGREED that a small working party was setup and Cllr Kirby ask for volunteers
to help organise at the next Council meeting.
007/20A Correspondence: The local Police Officer had requested a Youth Shelter. Although there
was already a shelter in the Town Park, it was considered that a second shelter at the
opposite end of the development would allow a second group to make use if it. The Clerk
would get a quote and bring this back to the next meeting of this Committee. The
Committee would also look into having the development policed locally from
Waterlooville. NOTED.
008/20A Other reports: The following items were raised as information
i. The future of Waterlooville Police Station was under review
ii. Barclays Bank Branch in North End was to close and its business would be
transferred to the Waterlooville Branch
iii. The car park at Yew Gardens was closed and it was unclear if this was temporary
or permanent.
Amenities Committee Meeting – Thursday 13 February 2020
Public Session
Cllr Crichton, speaking during the public sessions raised the following points
i. WCC should be approached about having street name plates in Wellington Park that had their
ii. Boundary signs should be placed to show where the boundaries between HBC and WCC
iii. The street name sign in Moorit Place was misleading and could be clearer
iv. How do Chamonix propose to manage the two streets that were to remain private and under
their ownership.
It was agreed that these matters i and ii would be discussed between HBC and WCC and added to the
agenda for the next Forum meeting.