Agenda – Full Council Meeting 15.10.20

Agendas Uploaded on December 7, 2021

Newlands Parish Council Agenda Page 1
Tel: 02393 092357 email: Date: 9 October 2020
Clerk to the Council: Mr Tony Daniells
You are summoned to attend the PARISH COUNCIL MEETING
of NEWLANDS PARISH COUNCIL as detailed below:
Tony Daniells
Clerk to the Council
7.30 pm THURSDAY 15 OCTOBER 2020 via a Zoom conference
To join the meeting, use the following details: Meeting ID: 576 123 0357
Password: 278588
MEMBERS: Cllrs David Crichton (Chair), Olivia Barneveld, Tony Berry, Adam Carden,
Andy Kirby, Jason Parry, Lewes Price, Mike Read and Fiona Tingle
1 Apologies: To receive any apologies for absence
2 Declarations of Interest: Arising from this Agenda, Members and Officers are invited to declare any
relevant interests. Notwithstanding this item, Members may subsequently declare an interest at any point
during the meeting.
3 Minutes: To receive and agree the Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 17 September 2020 and sign
or agree signature at a later date.
4 Public Participation
The meeting will recess for not more than 15 minutes so as to allow any members of the public to
address the meeting.
5 County and District Councillors Reports
a) To receive a report and any apologies from the County Councillor
b) To receive a report and any apologies from the District Councillors
6 Parish Matters
i. Implementation Officer’s Report: To receive any report. To consider and determine any action.
ii. Development and Adoptions: To receive any update on building progress and road adoptions. To
consider and agree any action.
iii. Pumpkin Contest: To receive information of a Pumpkin Competition and to consider a donation
for a prize for the best pumpkin. To agree a donation of £70.
iv. Community Plan: To receive an update and agree to fund the costs of progressing the Plan. To
consider and agree a contribution of up to £500.
v. Covid-19: To receive a proposal from Cllr Price that this Council drafts a Covid-19 Emergency
Plan to provide a development wide response should the need arise. To consider and agree
7 Communications
a) Newsletter: A Newlands Community Newsletter has been proposed by the Community Officers. To
receive any update on content and publication.
b) Website: To receive any update on changes and management of the Council’s website. To note.
c) Correspondence: HALC mini conference will be held virtually on 20 October and 4 November. To
consider any attendance.
Newlands Parish Council Agenda Page 2
8 Outside Bodies: To receive any reports following meetings/communications with outside bodies
a) Southern Parishes: To receive a verbal update following the meeting held on 5 October. To note.
b) Aquind: To receive any update from the Chairman. To note
c) West of Waterlooville Forum: The next Forum meeting will be held virtually on 3 November. To
consider and agree any matters to raise with the Forum.
9 Matters referred by other Committees
a) Amenities Committee
i. Open space adoption: The Amenities Committee recommend that council agree to adopt open
space at Wellington Park that is currently owned and managed by Winchester City Council with
a start date of 1 April 2021 and to continue to use the current maintenance contractor until a new
tender can be issued and agree. To consider rand agree adoptions.
ii. Youth Shelter: Following a request from the Police, a location for a Youth Shelter has been
identified. To agree the purchase of a youth shelter and the costs to purchase and install in the
2021/22 financial year.
iii. Community Hall: To consider the Hall is reclassified as office space as a meeting space for
Council and Councillors until the end of the Covid 19 emergency. To consider and agree.
10 Committee Structure: to receive a paper from Cllr Carden proposing
to establish a Highways Committee with four members as a standing committee of the council
to consider the membership of the other committees. To consider and agree a Highways Committee
and a start date and meeting frequency, and the membership of other committees.
11 Meeting Schedule 2021: To consider and agree the frequency and pattern of meetings for Council
and Committees for 2021
12 Finance
a) Orders for Payment: To consider and approve the Orders for Payment (List 08 previously
circulated) and sign or agree signature at a later date.
b) Bank Statement: To receive and agree the bank balances (previously circulated) as at 30 September
2020. To confirm the Balances and for the Chairman to sign the statement
c) Accounts: To receive the Accounts for September 2020. (previously circulated) To consider and
determine any action.
d) Local Government Pension Scheme: To consider allowing employees to join the LGPS as part of the
Terms of Employment. To consider and agree membership.
13 To receive the Minutes, Reports, Recommendations and Resolutions from the meetings listed
Note: In accordance with S.O.12(c) the only Minutes to be received by Council are those that have been
approved by the appropriate committee.
Amenities Committee 30 July 2020
Planning Committee 20 August 2020
14 Any other report which the Chairman deems urgent or for inclusion on the next agenda – NO
DECISIONS can be made.
15 Exempt Business
To pass a resolution in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 to exclude
the public and press for discussion of the following personnel or confidential matters where publicity
might be prejudicial to the special nature of the business.
There is one item of exempt business relating to the recruitment of a Clerk.